sample player in basic version

I use UltraMixer to do an internet radio feature and to me the sample player is essential.

Unfortunately the pro version while offering a great deal of features is way more than I need and I cannot really justify the cost. The basic version on the other hand has no real benefit over the Free version for my purpose.

I would therefore really like to see a 9 slots sample player that can be triggered from a standard keypad in the basic version.

… even if it is to remove the advanced functions of the sampler, I hope you will consider it so I can reward you with a purchase in the near future!

Best Regards,

I have the same problem. The pro version is way to expensive for private use (non commercial)
Why can’t there be a sampler in the basic version(paid). I don’t really need all the professional mixing utilities. I just want a few funny tunes that I can use at home with the sampler.
Ultramixer is the best option for Linux, but misses the samples in the basic version.

I hope this will change soon.