resolution/GUI problem in ubuntu 11.04

hello everyone, i’ve got a little problem running UM on my eeepc netbook (asus t101mt, 10,1" screen - 1024x600, OS Ubuntu 11.04).
I successfully installed and activated the program with a free account but i can’t use it because of a pretty bad bug happening on the central mixer in the intrface. I can operate on every single control on the screen except for the central area, that can’t show me the actual mixer and keeps trace of every object that passes on it, i.e. the mouse arrow or a window… here’s a screenshot :frowning:

Uploaded with [url=][/url:ff9db]/
here I just launched UM and moved the window to the left… the mixer stood there :frowning: any hint?

upping a bit

I have no idea if this will help, but see my reply in the ‘display issues for 10.04’ regarding java. It could be the issue. When my upgrade to 10.10 change my configuration to OpenJDK, UM was useless. It’s worth a shot.


thanks a lot Dan, it actually worked for the display issue… but the whole program runs bad, laggy as hell… I don’t think my lappy is powerful enough to run this :frowning: got to try a winXP liveUSB…

Until now OpenJDK does not reach the same performance as the official Oracle/SUN JRE, so you should use this. Nervtheless, we are not sure what causes this issue on your ubuntu.