resizable window for small laptop

Hello, ultramixer is a perfect software? but : most of the time, I use it on Pwb 12’ alu and at the launch, the last part is out of the screen (mixer, master, archive, menu, quit). And when I move the window to saw it, it’s the upper part of the window that disapear under the Apple menu bar, making the window impossible to move again. It seems that, if it’s possible to get wider window, it’s impossible to make it smaller to fit that kind of screen. Or did I miss something ?

I use UltraMixer on my laptop with 15’’ screen (1024x768 px) and even then some parts of application window is hidden (in advanced version), but buttons bar (Menu, Mixer…) is always visible. Maybe this is happen only in MAC OS? I use Linux version of UltraMixer, by the way.

I think that for now ( v. 2.0.8 ) UltraMixer is adapted to 17’’ screen with larger resolution… I mentioned about smaller resolutions problem in other post, maybe in the future this would be improved :slight_smile: Let’s keep fingers crossed!