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I have the “remove songs from playlist after playing” option disabled.
Currently, when a song finishes playing the song is reloaded into the player, I would like the option to make the player load the next song in the playlist instead of reloading the song it just played (but I dont want to remove songs from the list after playing).

I really like the software so far, I especially love the fact that this forum exists and that developers listen to the end users requests!

Keep up the good work

Hi Quark,

Thanks for your hints.

  1. Just activate the auto mix… Automatic mixing of only one playlist isn’t supported at the moment, but in the next major release.

  2. Thanks :slight_smile:



AutoMix is not exactly what I am after… I would like to have the player reach the end of “Song 1”, stop and load/cue “Song 2”, then wait for me to press play to start playing “Song 2”.

I primarily use the software for live gigs, dance recitals, school events, etc where each act has a backing track, then once the act is finished I prepare for the next act (i.e. cue the next backing track).

This behaviour seems to be part way in between Auto DJ and “Manual” DJing I guess.

Thanks for your response.

ok, I understand. I think we can integrate such a feature into the next release (2.1.4)