reload ID tag

hello people,

When I go to a map in the file archive en I click right button reload Idtag the system runs death… The window that apears won’t go truw with the action???

So when I renew the tags in windows self it wil not reload in ultramixer???

A quistion also is there a short cut to go to edit tag like there was alt+i in BPM studio


  1. Please contact our support to resolve the problem.
  2. No sorry but there are other good ways:

a) define double click on a track as edit action (preferences => appearance => FileArchive => Action when double click on Tracks: Edit ID3-Tags in Dialog or Edit ID3-Tags within Table

b) In UM 3.2.0 RC3 you are able to go from one file to the next and previous file with the new arrow buttons in the bottom left corner.

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