Recording Mixes


    I'm still not sure if I'm using this forum correctly, but I am sure that I need some help!

I am learning UltraMixer 2.3.2 and I need to save my mixes. I see some other members (Monoxide and Audiophile) have gone this route before me, but my purpose is not musical (neither am I, regrettably) and although I have downloaded Audacity (as suggested by the moderator) I was unable to understand his references for using this program to record mixes!

Again, regrettably, I am very unfamiliar with the subject and to achieve recorded mixes I really need to have the procedure spelled out for me! Please help me!


Hi Bill14,

well this is very easy to achieve.
Just open UltraMixer and Audacity to the same time.
Go to Audacity there you will have a drop-down-box with sources like SPDIF, Aux, CD and so on. Here you will find “Stereo-Mix” or “What-you-hear”. This is actually what you need. Select this and press the red button (record). So now you can go to UltraMixer and start you mixing session.

best regards

Hi SL@jaR,

           Many thanks for your reply re the above. You made the requirement perfectly clear, even for someone with a 'Tin Ear' like me!  I'm very much obliged to you!

Best regards,