RC 32 - Distortion!

Hey Tobi

I really need your help.

Got a brand new Lenovo X1 Carbon and using Traktor DJ Audio 2 and everything was
good. Then I installed v. 4.1.0 RC 27 true RC 29 and that was ok there was some issues
but we addressed them.

Then I installed RC 31 and I discovered that on some tunes, there was a bit of distortion.
Now I am on RC 32 and it is bad.
I have check the tune on the X1 using Traktor and Windows Media player - No distortion.
I have check on Music Bee - No distortion. I have tried changing the “Latency” and the
“Mixer quality” in UM - But do not get any changes in the output - still distortion.

Do you have any ideas to fix this??

Best regards

Please check the gain knobs in the mixer and the master.

Hey Tobi

As you can see in this pic. dropbox.com/s/rbuowhcciyga7i0/UM.PNG?dl=0 the gain is way Down.


As I can see your gain knobs in mixer and master show values higher than 0dB - that means your sound is amplified which can lead in distortion.

Please reset the knobs to 0 (right mouse click)