Radio Station Use

I’m the technician for a community radio station (all volunteers) and I am looking for a suitable program for our presenters to use to play music from the station’s digital library, to supplement their own music.

Ultramixer looks good but there are a couple of things I’d like to see to make it more suitable in a radio studio situation.

Because time is such an important issue in a radio station, with news commitments and such, I deem it essential to be able to search on track running time.

Another useful feature would be a means to load the program without any equaliser controls. We don’t need presenters deciding how to “colour” the music. If buttons are there they will fiddle!

  1. whast do you mean with “to search on track running time.”?
  2. It would be possible to remove the eq knobs by make a new skin.


Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Let’s say I will have 2minutes and 31 seconds before a news commitment at the top of the hour. I need to be able to search on 2:31 to find all the songs with that running time. The “Length” field needs to be added to the search criteria in Advanced Search.