In the song info my field genre is empty in every file I load in UM.
But in my songs there are tag’s in genre?

Do you know why it isn’t in UM

Do you have any thougts of what this program is gonna cost in the future.
I want to use it in a dancingschool.

Keep up the good work!!!

Great Program


:arrow_right: I noticed that not only Genre is empty, also the BPM-value isn’t imported from the MP3-tag into the database.
:arrow_right: After desinstalling UM (& removing directory) and reinstalling it, the database still existed. Where is it stored on XP-SP2?

Keep up the good work!

All your personal data for UltraMixer is stored in the user home directory, on windows systems its C:/Documents and settings/username/.ultramixer

The filearchive is stored in the following directory: data/filearchive

btw: if you want to clear the filearchive, it’s simpier to use the “Clear FileArchive” function in the program…

I reinstalled UM after startup-lock when loading the Mixer components (same prob noted in bugforum). But I didn’t try to restart the PC at that moment because it just powered-up…
Did you change the sound engine (callback) on .5 ? Because UM is still locking from time to time on autoDJ mode.

Hi eMBee,

the sound engine has massivly changed in 2.0.5. What do you mean by “locking in autoDJ” mode? Does it freeze, crash or does it make choppy sounds? We tested 2.0.5 in AutoDJ mode on almost every plattform we support for days :wink:


It freesed (the sound did continiou, but the form was freesed). But if I recall, it was just after I upgraded to .5 on XP SP2. Perhaps I should have restarted my PC too.
I’ll test it further and let you now if it’s still occuring.