Questions after first serious try-out


I have used UltraMixer for the first time “seriously” today, and I am really happy with it - for my personal needs, it worked much better than any other software I had tried out before.

Neverthess, some issues arose that I would like to ask for your input:

  1. At one point in time, the right deck started to blink red - what did I do? What does the blinking indicate? How can I deactivate it again?

  2. Is there a way to display the ID3-Colum “Genre” in the Archive list and in the decks’ playlists? I only managed to get this information via Right-Click --> File Properties. I would prefer to have this information right at my hand.

  3. Sometimes, dragging and dropping a file from the archive into a deck’s playlist resulted in that song going to the top of the playlist. Most of the time, it ended at the end (this would be my prefered outcome). What did I do wrong when it ended up at the top?

4a) [Most important issue]. I am using AutoPlay. When there are no songs in the playlist of Deck A anymore, the song remains in the player A after it fades to deck B - and actually, after deck B is finished, the same old song on deck A is played again. I find this highly irritating. I would prefer to have a behavior that in such as case, after the song in deck A is finished, the song gets deleted, so that the deck is “empty”.

4b) The resulting problem is: When I drag&drop a new song into the (empty!) playlist of deck A (while deck B is playing in the meantime), it isn’t loaded into the player; instead, the old song still remains in the player and is played again. I made this mistake repeatedly today…

4c) Is there a way to manually “clear” a player, so that the song is unloaded and the deck is “empty”?

  1. Are you planning to a “waveform” display of the songs instead of the current plain “progress bar”? I would love to see this to ease manual cue-ing…

  2. How can I reset the Hit counter? Background: I would like to see how often the song was played “today” (or since the program was started), so that I don’t repeat songs. Is there any way to achieve this - other than resetting the Hits counter completely (which I don’t know how to do)?

  3. IS there a way to restrict the Search box to the current “folder” (on the right) instead of searching the whole archive?

Thank you very much in advance for your inputs.

Does anybody have any thoughts on one or more of the above points?

Hi Blootplazma,

Thanks for your hints.

  1. It’s a upcoming feature in UltraMixer 2.1 - it’s a visual warning when the song is near to the end…In 2.0.13 it’s without meanung - you can activate the warning effect by clicking in the display - just right click to deactivate the effect.

  2. To display the genre column in the filearchive just right click in the table header… In the playlist you can’t display the genre column in the actual version ,but in UltraMixer 2.1

  3. A drag’n’Drop operation depends on the drop location in the playlist. You can place a song from the filearchive on a specific row in the playlist… If you drop the file into the display, it will be added at the end of the playlist.

4a) Yes, we will change this behaviour in the upcoming UltraMixer 2.1

4c) No. Why do you need this feature?

  1. Yes! It’s on top of our to-do-list…

  2. Filearchive button (on bottom) => arrow => Reset hits

  3. Not in 2.0.13 but in UM 2.1

Best regards,

Thanks for your comments. So when is UM 2.1 scheduled to be released - and what are the upgrade policies if I buy 2.0.13 before 2.1 is released?

4c) Well, this was my idea to cope with the problem 4b). If I could “clear” the player manually, Dragging&Dropping another song into the playlist would hopefully make the song be loaded (I am aware of right-clicking songs in the playlist and loading them this way)

  1. Do you already know whether the waveform feature will also be included in UM 2.1?

By the way - the notification feature of the forum doesn’t seem to work - I never got an email in spite of checking the appropriate checkbox when submitting my comments.

1a) We can’t publish a official release date for UltraMixer 2.1 - but we plan to release the new version untill end of july.

1b). If you buy UM 2.0.13, you can update for free to 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4! Take a look here:

  1. No, I’m not shure.

forum: thanks for that hint, we’ll check this issue.

1a) OK, thanks - I didn’t expect an exact date :smiley: End of July is perfectly fine.

1b) Oh, thanks. I must have overlooked that information on the download page…

Anyway, you have convinced me to vote for the software. Now I only need to convince my boss and my colleagues…

Thanks for all your support

Hi blootplazma,

if you have convinced your boss and your colleagues we will be pretty happy! Nevertheless, if you don’t could you please tell us what prevented your staff from being convinced? We are always eager hearing user statements to make UltraMixer even better.


The mail notification works fine now :wink:

I will keep you up to date - you are in particular competing with VirtualDJ (and its features waveform, sample player, and auto sync).

Hi blootplazma,

I just asked myself if you already made a choice? :laughing:
Maybe we can help you to convince your colleagues?

with best regards

Thanks for coming back to me on that matter. I haven’t seen them since, we will be meeting tomorrow to disuss the issue.

I am afraid it would take another evaluation of UM 2.1 and its upcoming features to convince them - don’t think they will go for buying a pig in a poke. Maybe I could convince them to postpone the decision for some time - but if not, I think it will turn out in favor of Virtual DJ.

I nevertheless appreciate your efforts (both regarding the software itself and also in the forum) and - regardless how this matter turns out - I will make sure to evaluate UM 2.1 as soon as it becomes available for future use.