Put Decks A/B on Front/Rear-Channels of same soun dcard?


I would like to use my external mixing facility with Ultramixer, so I would like to have the CD decks separately on two distinct stereo channels. is it possible to playback CD deck A over the front-stereo-channels and CD deck B over the rear-stereo-channels of my 7.1 soundcard? If so, please give me some instructions on how to do this.

I am using the DirectX drivers on WinXP, my sound card is an Audiotrak PRodigy 7.1

Thank you very much in advance.

Just choose the front channel for Player 1 and the rear channel for Player 2 in the UltraMixer preferences/audio.

Sorry for not being precise enough - this is exactly my problem: in the audio settings, for both decks (and both monitors) I am only offered exactly the following two choices in a dropdown list:

  • Primary Sound Driver (DirectX)
  • QVE Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1

So how do I specify front/rear? Why doesn’t if offer them separately? I have been trying out other DJ software, and they have offered the channels separately (also via DirectX), so I would think that all local drivers etc. are ok.

Please go to system settings => Sounds and Audio Devices => Speaker settings (advanced/extended). Choose 5.1 or 7.1 as speaker setup and restart UltraMixer. Can you see all channels now?


uh, I didn’t think about this. I won’t have access to that PC until Saturday, but I am almost sure that this will do the trick

(some other proggies don’t seem to care about the Windows settings and offer their own setup for the soundcard type / speaker setup - so I guess it is actually currently set to Desktop Stereo…)

Thanks for the quick response.

It did work with the Windows setting 5.1.

As soon as I chose 7.1 (I actually have an Audiotrak PRodigy 7.1), Ultramixer didn’t start to play songs at all - neither on the decks, nor on the monitor. Pressing “Play” didn’t have any effect any more - the Time/Remaining didn’t start, so the song actually didn’t play.

Nevertheless, my immediate problems are solved (as I only need front and rear anyway).

Hi blootplazma,

in case you are using a 7.1 sound card you will have to switch the sound type in your system control panel as well (control panel/Sound&audio/extended settings/speaker setup) . After that UltraMixer should recognize this type correctly and show up with more than 2 virtual “sound cards”. I think windows was mixed up in your case … the driver said 7.1 and windows assumed 5.1, so UltraMixer does. Please recheck it if it doesn’t help or you already did tit, I’ll have a look at the 7.1 implementation.

Happy Mixing!

I didn’t change anything in the “driver” - the only setting I touched is Windows–>Control Panel–>Sound Settings–>Advanced–>Speaker Setup.

When it was set to Desktop Stereo, Ultramixer only offered one channel (of course), when I set it to 5.1 (and restarted Ultramixer), it offered all channels (front/rear/center) and everything worked fine.

When I set it to 7.1 / 7.1 broad, Ultramixer did offer all channels, but it didn’t start any playback - neither on any deck nor on the monitor.