Problems with the BCD2000 console

Dear UM-team,

I bought a BCD2000. I ran the setup and installed the drivers. After I did a test with the Behringer DJ console everything worked. After I set the midi controller in Ultramixer and restarted my computer (IBM A31 laptop with windows XP), the BCD200 was recognised by Ultramixer. But I have the problem that it takes a very long time to load the songs before they can be played and second the MIDI out signal is not routed through the BCD2000 console but send to the output of the soundcard.

Please can you help me.

Regards, Jidder

Hi Jidder,

  1. Do you have the problem with all songs or only with some songs? Try to switch of the info panel in the preferences.

  2. Can you see the LEDs of the console lighting?

Hi Tobi,

I’ve problems with all the songs.

Some leds are lighting such as cue and play/pause. The pitch and volume slides are working. When I select play the cue button of Ultramixer changes to play but the song will not start.

Sometimes a song starts after 30 minutes or when I switch the BCD2000 off. After I swith the BCD2000 to on the song is played through the soundcard.

With the B-DJ program it works fine. Is it in the Midi mapping?

Regards Jidder