Problem launching Application on MAC

I have the following error then I launch the application

“Couldn’t read filearchive because of a fatal system error (♯001)”

I’m running

MAC OS X Version 10.5.2
2.33 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB 667 MHZ

Java 1.5.0_13

Dear pygment,

have you had an old UltraMixer Version on your system? If yes, which version?

best regards


No, I only have the one copy.

Dear pygment,

please send following files [url=]to the support[/url:d5f65]:


best regards

Hi Sl@jaR,

I check the directory, and I did a search on my hard drive and couldn’t find the files


Hi pygment,

so it must be a different problem. Do you use a restricted user account on your 10.5 leopard? Was UltraMixer actually able to access the .ultramixer directory on your system? I doubt it otherwise you would have found some logfiles in there. Could you please make the directory .ultramixer even more accessable (use e.g. chmod). I’ll check the leopard compatibility these days.

best regards