Please explain

Hi again guys,
Pls forgive me for not understanding following things, I guess that they’re obvious:

  • What does “anti-aliasing” (in the “user interface” menu) mean?
  • What does “latency” (in the “audio” menu) mean?


Hi Rikard,

anti-aliasing means the granularity of the rendering. That means if you like more smooth edges you should switch it on. That will result in a much higher CPU (on todays CPU approx. 1-2%) load. The “latency” slider is currently not used at all. There will be such a feature to tune a little bit UltraMixer’s behaviour to your current hardware limitations.

Happy Mixing

Many thanks for the explanation of my request! I’m looking very much forward for the next version!

Happy New Year to all of you at the UM-team!