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there are a couple of things I would really apreciate in one of the next releases:

  1. Playlists: It would be great and helfpul if I could add the playlists (m3u) in the window of the “Filearchiv-structure” and finding all tracks stored in the playlist in the “track-window”. I am enjoying to work with playlists but it could be confusing if I would load them in the playlist of one of the two players.

  2. Double-click-function. Getting in trouble it is very useful ti have the chance to doubleclick on a track, and the track is starting to play automatically. As far as I found out, by today you can load a track into a player if the track is already in the playlist, but the player is not starting to play.

  3. Having some new tracks on the HDD I would like to add them on the ultramixer-database. By this point of time it is needed to scan the whole HDD again or to add each single track manually. It would be very helfpul if you could add a kind of “database-updater” which is looking on the HDD for new tracks and putting them on the database.

Thats it for the moment. Good luck!

Hi webjogi73,

thanks for posting in english :wink:

  1. Currently, you can’t add playlists to the filearchive, because the filearchive is ordered by title, artist, … so you cannot order the files like in a playlist. But on our todo list is a special playlist where you can load and play (e.g. automix) m3u playlists.

  2. Currently you can’t play songs by double-click - but you can load them. If you want to play them directly, you can do the following: 1. Turn off the confirmation dialog when stopping a song while playing. 2. Play a song in one of the players. 3. press the TRACK buttons to load AND play another song.

  3. Yes, you’re right. I know this issue from my own dj work… A “database-updater” isn’t so easy, imagine: In the filearchive you can create groups and subgroups independently of real directories on the harddisk. So Ultramixer doesn’t know, which groups or directories should be updated. You know? So we’ll integrate a file explorer additional to the filearchive in the future…

Best regards and greetings to your deejay-forum,

sounds good. Thanks for letting me know