Playlists not loading in their m3u order in File Archive?


I’m trying to load .m3u playlists into the file archive via the “create new group” function. The music files all load with the “add files” function but not in their playlist order.

Ofcourse I can order them by ‘artist’, ‘title,’ ‘album’ etc by clicking on the relevant heading but I’d really like to view them in their playlist order.

They do however load into the UltraMixer Playlists 1 and 2 in their .m3u order through the “add files” function (as well as the “add playlist” function. Not sure why there is this discrepancy.

Any sugestions?



I have exactly the same problem importing itunes playlists.
I bought UM in July 2010, contacted the support several times, also because not all itunes ratings are shown correctly.
The answered they can’t see the problem.
When they test it it works…
I decided to wait for an update which I made today- no changes!
If you found a solution I’ll be happy to know,
best regards from Berlin, Ines

Mac Book, 10.5.8

I managed! You have to import the playlist directly into the player.
Directly under the player: +files-add files from itunes-search for the palylist…
Then they are in the correct order.
But you can’t save them (-; or I did not find it yet…

still not with the correct ratings…

The problem is I want the playlist in ONE player and there is no silence between the tracks

Glad you found a part solution, don’t know about the silences, do mean you want a gap between the tracks?

You know you can do this failrly easily over both players?

  • highlight your tracks in one of the players, right click and choose “spread (selected tracks) on both playlists.”
  • adjust the mixer profile (select the bottom one of the four (which is customizable) and drag the red and green lines to your preferred fade out/in patterns,
  • adjust the slider to your desired time for fading
  • select auto dj and

Your tracks get spread evenly and played in their original order by automatically switching between the players with as big or little a gap as you want (up to about 10secs I thnk.)

Don’t know if that’s of use.

My issue around the file archive and music library still limits how easily I can us UMxr.

I realise you can load m3u playlists into the U Mxr’s Players’ Playlist Window but it’s not being able to preview m3u playlists in the UMxr File Archive that’s stumping me.

So at the moment I actually use mediamonkey to navigate through my playlists and load my files from there. It would be much better if I could just have one program open of an evening’s outing.

Guess I’ll try and contact support directly.