playlist not being saved

Ultramixer 4.1.0

Windows 8.1

Playlist are not being saved , date and time are in a list under played tracks
By there is no data.



Are you using RC33?

The following part where the user will be going to manage it so the user will need the query that will be able to find out the part so netgear r6700 review will provide the overall work to it.

No answer was given to the reason why the playlist was not being saved. It can be painful when you think you have saved your data in the playlist for you to later find out more that you don’t actually have it saved - for no reason you can come up other than knowing that you did actually save it.

I guess everyone has figured out why it happened. Was hoping to get a direct answer to the question that was put forth. Probably I’m just being too lazy to dig around to find a solution :laughing: !