Pitch Lock (Pitch != Tempo)

My guess is that it’s too hard (in software) to transform a waveform “on the fly” to a faster/slower tempo without affecting the pitch (and vice-versa).

Dedicated hardware consoles (e.g. Numark CDN88) can do this, and it’s tremendously useful. I wonder how long it will be before general purpose CPUs will be powerful enough to adjust tempo and pitch independently.

Still, I’d add it to the Feature Request List. :smiley:

Cheers! Keep up the good work,

:- Dabe

Hi OneTrueDabe,

No, it’s absolutly possible - since years! Hardware consoles integrates time strechting (pitch lock) since a short time…

The time stretching / pitch lock feature is on our to-do list for future releases…

Best regards,

Make that one a top priority. It is really crucial for some of us. :slight_smile:

I’ll second this request. I’m looking to use some software to replace a set of cd player (pro-deck) for a non-profit dancing group and they adjust the tempo at times for the dancers.

This software is the best I’ve found yet, but this feature is a must!

Feature is available since the official release - UM 2.0.9