Pioneer DDJ SZ2

I have bought the Pioneer DDJ SZ2 (for this i have the SX),everything seems to work, but can not listen to the pre-set and headphones by the output channels mapped to 1/2. The headphones each on 3/4, the default settings
Driver DDJ-SZ2 downloaded from Pioneer website , no choice in 64 and 32bit.
My Ultramixer 5.2.2 (64 bit) runs in Dutch version on a windows 10 creator I7, 64 bit operation en 64 based prosseror with 8GB Ram
I send a mail to support (Ticket#2018032910002441]
support says:I suspect that pioneer’s driver does not support 64 bit. Please try the 32-bit version once as a test. I do not see another solution for the moment. You can ask pioneer for a 64 bit version of the driver.After that I do not hear anything anymore about support
I tried the ultramixer 32 bit and Ultramixer 6, but does not work either.
The site of ultramixer say that DDJ-SZ2 is supported. I want to work with ultramixer, can someone help me on this forum? If not, I will unfortunately have to transfer to the supplied serato
Now Ultramixer 6 looks better, I have to change to serato. :frowning: Sorry for my English
regards Tony