Pioneer CDJ2000 MIDI

I would like to have MIDI control for the Pioneer CDJ2000.

I have now set my Pioneer CDJ2000 as MIDI (HID) in Ultramixer with the settings of the American Radius 2000.
Ultramixer responds to some buttons on the Pioneer CDJ2000.
Only the buttons and the actions are not the same.
So this gives a little practise.

I think it is easily possible for the programmer’s to make this player work perfectly under Ultramixer.

Or can i do this with the setting “Bome’s MIDI Translator”?

Waiting on a soon reply.

Sure you can map the MIDI map with Bome from CDJ200 to Radius. Please refer to the documentation in the BOME section: … nglish.pdf

I can’t find no bome’s section in the manual.

How can i midi map my cdj2000?

Ok, sorry that very small section has been recently added and is not yet available in the PDF file (comming soon). Nevertheless, it basically links you to the BOME web page:

and to the manual: … ort/manual

How does this work, i don’t know anything about midimapping?

You could choose the Pioneer CDJ400 in UltraMixer 4 (beta23)