Not always adding files to playlist

It seems ultramixer doesn’t always accept files to be added to the playlist.
I could provide the umerr.txt and umlog.txt where the last action was adding the file concerned. Pls tell me how to provide the files to you.

In addition I recognized that the playlist sometimes get’s deleted on various occasions (not only when selecting “delete all files…” :wink:

  1. It’s a known issue and fixed in UltraMixer 2.0.3.
    (postet several times in the old forum at

  2. Files are removed from the playlist after playing (depending on your preferences). Otherwise it’s a bug and we have to check this…

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it seems to be a bug. The playlist is deleted completely on the player side where the file should be added (no relation to specific files).

I know about the behaviour that the files played completely get deleted afterwards.

You’re right! It’s a wrong behaviour - we will fix this issue in 2.0.4.