No soundcards


Trying out UltraMixer on a Windows XP laptop. Preferences show no soundcards, and program wants to send error report on exit.

Any ideas?

gr. Harold Oudshoorn


what soundcards do you use?


I’ve tried the following sound cards:

  • The onboard SoundCard of an Acer Laptop (Realtek AC97)
  • Terratec Aureon 5.1 (USB)
  • Hercules DJConsole

I’m out of ideas. The program has sent an error report, I don’t know what is in the report since im unable to find it.

gr. Harold

Did you try this with version 2.0.5?


Yep, that’s the version I’m using.

Is there a log file where I could look into to find the source of the problem? The program says :

“One or more errors occured during your work with UltraMixer. To fix these bugs please allow to send an error report to the development team”

This occurs when an other window is showing :

Shutdown UltraMixer

gr. Harold