no sound :(

i have gentoo linux with a 2.6.16-ck3 kernel.
ultramixer starts up and i can load and play tracks but i dont hear any sound.

i found out that ultramixer uses /dev/dsp0 but i only had a /dev/dsp. so i created a softlink from /dev/dsp0 to the location /dev/dsp links to.

i use many other audio apps which all use /dev/dsp without problems (xmms, audacious, realplayer, vlc, mplayer, xine).

i dont know why i cant hear no sound, i really want to test ultramixer, it looks really great :unamused:
i get no error messages

thanks in advance

i now have an account in your forums too :laughing:

Hey peyote,

which soundcard do you use?