No song duration on mac free edition?

Hello all been using ultra mixer on my ubuntu box for a while. for some reason it now goes really slow on my ubuntu box even after a few restarts. The count down timer says 25 seconds but seems to take 45 seconds and typing in a song it slow and laggy when it works its fine.

My question is :-

I’ve downloaded the mac free version and imported all my songs none of the song display a duration??

example bad manners can can says 00:00 . when it works on ubuntu it displays 03.20 like it should do any ideas to why this happens

Regards Jez

Are you using Version 2.4.7?

Yea thats the one i downloaded I’m now in the process of installing linux mint on my laptop to see if it was a ubuntu issue

if i use a older version its the same maybe a os x lion issue?

Which kind of file type did you import? MP3 or M4A from iTunes? To load and play M4A/AAC files you need to install the AAC-plugin when installing UltraMixer…