No licence Key with ubuntu?

yesterday i was playing in a cool location and i needed a mixer, so i downloaded the linux release for my ubuntu.

The instalation was really easy and promising and i was liek “Wow”.
Than i started the program and thought i can use the trial version.
It said to restart the program so i closed it and restarted it, than i just saw some red colored numbers displaying the time of my trial, but than something like “expired” ?

Well i followed the now a little bit wiredness with “start” “close” application and clicking through it to find i need to request a licence key.
So i entered my email and name and had to click yes i want future infos and advert or something to proceed and send you the inquirey.

But than this was like … 14 hours ago nothing happend i was not able to mix for the audiance which was ok but well i would have liked to really mix 2 songs.

Ubuntu 7.10 feisty fawn
Ultramixer 2.0.12

Please sent me a licence key so i can “mix” the next time,


and1and2and3andwhich :slight_smile:

Please write to our support ( to resolve the problem.