New Skins 1680x1050 available

There are two new big [b:33164]skins[/b:33164] available for big screens with a resolution of [b:33164]1680 x 1050[/b:33164] pixel.

Registered users of “UltraMixer Professional” can download the skins [url=]here in the community section[/url:33164].

[b:33164]Install notes:[/b:33164]
Download and copy to “UltraMixer/data/skins”.

Hey mate thanks for sharing this useful link with us.
Its really helpful.

I have the Home or Basic (you use both terms in different places) and my screen is 1680x1050. When will this be available?

Home and Basic are different licenses with different features. See the [url=]feature comparison chart[/url:d10fa].

I’m sorry, but the widescreen skins are currently available for professional users only. However, we are currently working on this. Stay tuned.

The User Control panel does not list Home edition.