New crossfade pattern

I would prefer a crossfade where the next track starts at full volume instead of fading up. The previous track should still fade out.

When I worked in radio I manually ran the board this way. There is too much missed on many songs by fading them in.

So, just use the so called “manual-Curve” in the fading Panel to adjust the initial Volume ramp. It’s the fourth curve.

The Home version only has three crossfade choices.

yes, this has introduced in the Basic Edition.

Sorry Sl@jaR

I’m testing the Pro Demo and it is not possible to set a Curve like HotRodJohnny wants. I (and I think all the other users too) can only set this curve for one of the Players.

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@HotRodJonny: I made a screen shot of a much shorter volume ramp with the “manual fading panel”

[b:e68f9]The previous track should still fade out.[/b:e68f9] Thats the Point…

Ok, we’ll discusss this.

I figured out how to do what I want. I manually move the crossfader to the middle before i start the next song. This starts it at full volume and fades out the ending song.