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I’ve been a DJ fot over 30 yrs, no longer doing the Club Gigs, but still enjoy doing weddings and partys. At present I use a WB mixer and amp combo with Denon Dual cd players and peavy pr 15 speakers.
I’ve been toying with the idea of going digital and have been trying out demos of various software aps. I’ve been keeping an eye on ultramixer and another program that is being developed as well. Both show great promise in my opinion.
What I would like to see in a DJ programare the following:
A) The ablity to print out the playlist from the program with the options of listing the playlist by a choice of either Song Title, or Artist, or Album.
B) Being able to play either MP3 or a CD, very necessary as some weddings do not decide on their main dance until th last second.
C)Some of the programs I have been checking out, including Ultramixer have problems with some sound cards. In the case of Ultramixer, it works perfectly with my desktop computer, but really has issues with my laptop, my laptop is the newer computer.
D) The ability to create and maintain libraries of various genres of music, such as Pop, Country, Rock, etc. Some programs have this feature, some don’t.
E) a built in EQ that actually works!!
F)Sound effects, such as laughter, sirens, applause, etc.
G) Slider style controls, the knob thingys are a pain to try to control with a mouse.
H) Final pricing of under $100.00…!!!

As far as Ultramixer is concerned, I like most of what I have seen so far. The main problem I have with it is the compatability issue with my laptops sound card, Oh yes, and the count down in the beta screen is annoying, would it be possible to just have the beta notice without the count down? Also when you have it ready for final release, what about a special price for those of us who have beenwatching it and may wish to use it commerciall?

thanks for your post!

UltraMixer is not beta. Only the free version of UltraMixer2 has an countdown screen.

Please feel free to test our current pro version of UltraMixer 3! It has all the feature of your wishlist! You can print out your playlists, play CDs, use all the soundcards available, and so on…

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