Music will not start to play right.

We have a night club we are upgrading all of their systems. They had another program we couldn’t find any longer so we purchased UltraMixer 2 home edition for them to try for a week to see if it fits their needs before buying the professional version for the new computers.

They like the program but they say at the start of every song it stops for a few seconds like buffering kinda then plays fine. Is there something in the settings I need to change? I thought it was a usb 3.0 driver problem but when they moved the external usb 3.0 drive to a usb 2.0 port it got worse.

Did you already try the current version of UltraMixer 4?

I went by to experience the problem myself. It skips because it keeps popping up a message that says it needs a high speed connection. The music is pulled from a usb 3.0 drive in a usb 3.0 port.

If they approve the software all the music will be pulled from a mapped network drive and not external drives. However if I don’t get this corrected they will cancel the upgrade. They have four different DJ stations so they don’t want the music stored on each PC.

Hey DigitalMicro,

a very old version of UltraMixer 2 had this issue. Well, you should at least test against UltraMixer 4.0.0 Home, since version 2 is outdated and no longer sold.
Furthermore, you should not use any USB 3 devices at least not on Windows 7 or lower. Windows 8 probably comes with thier own USB 3 driver but we had have the change to test them. In other words USB3 was not stable on windows in our latest tests. Please try to use USB 2.

kind regards