Multiple sound outputs on linux

I’m trying to work out how to use different sound outputs for each channel. In the UltraMixer settings the only option i have is /dev/dsp, my soundcard is an Audigy so i’d like to be able to use the rear channels as another output, how should i go about doing this?

(in /dev/snd there are several files that start with PCM, i’m guessing i have to create a /dev/dsp1 or something that points to those?)


So ive found out that my alsa config supports the soundcard fine (at least i think)

aplay -D front /fat32/song.wav
aplay -D rear /fat32/song.wav

the above sends the sound to the correct outputs. Can i make a /dev/dsp1 that outputs to the “rear” channels?

Hi NicP,

you are right. That seems to be a missing feature. I’ll try to add it in 2.0.3.

best regards

Has this support been added yet? I’m using 2.0.4.

Im only able to select /dev/dsp0 for playback and monitor. It doesnt split between front and rear channels on my Audigy 2 ZS.

Also when i try 2 soundcards /dsp0 and dsp1 i can select each for the playback and monitor but it crashes after playing for about 10 seconds, also the monitor buttons don’t seem to do anything. :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated. :smiley:

Hi biteme,

since we faced some serious stability problems on Linux we didn’t add ALSA for now. I think as we released 2.0.5 (which will increase the stability enomously :wink: ) I will start the ALSA implementation.
The crash when you tried to add one more /dev/dspX will actually been fixed in 2.0.5. We actually do some testing now and I hope we can release it pretty soon.


Hi there,
I have the same problem as desribed here. I’ d like to use the Rear-channels of my sound card for monitor output but all I can select is /dev/dsp(). There are no other dsp-devices in /dev.

I’m using the nforce4-sound and ALSA version 1.0.12rc1
Ultramixer 2.0.8

thanks für any help

Hi TecKiller,

unfortunately, UltraMixer only supports OSS right now and OSS doesn’t support 5.1 sound cards. Exactly, it just supports stereo sound cards. If you use the ALSA OSS compatibility layer I think there is a possibility in ALSA to map /dev/dsp1 to the rear of your soundcard. If you have found a solution for this, some other UltraMixer users might be interessted in a small FAQ :wink: