mp3 jumps

Probably not the best description , however…

Ultramixer pro software , denon HC 4500.

At last nights gig , the first "deck " would have a song loaded , but when it came to play , it just repeated the first few millie seconds ,until I faded to deck two , which behaved all night, It was a bit like the bit in praise you by fat boy slim , at the same time the “link” light on the first deck on the 4500 would flash randomly , I changed the USB lead to no avail . later that evening the problem disappeared as fast as it started , any ideas .
ps I have asked this on the denon forums as well. (Ultramixer pro v 2.4.1)



Hhm, sound like what we observed with HC4500. In case it is pretty loud and the bass drum is heavy the DJ set jumps a bit (even the jog wheels). That is sometimes enough to start the framesearch in non-playing mode. You can try it just load up a song to one deck and press the frame search button, if it is the same sound then you got the cause. We actually, tought of making a deactivation feature for framesearch but this is quite unusual.

You can deactivate the jogwheel framesearching…

Take a look here: … ps-52.html

thanks ,I`ll try that.
just as a matter of interest , occasionally , when a song is loaded into a player , there is a small blue segment at the start of the progress bar , probably takes about 2% of the total bar , anything to worry about ? it stays there while the song is playing , and disappears when the track has finisher.
still, its still a cracking program , and I have use PCDJ,RPM,VDJ and a host of others, there still not as good IMHO.


The blue segement is the silence visualization :slight_smile:
That means UltraMixer has detected some seconds of silence and seeked to the right start point.

doh :laughing: :laughing: