More options

Option parametre:
1 - Enable/Desable sound effect when leave the programme
2 - Automaticlly save curent playlist
3 - Printable playlist ( Declaration Copyright author/artist )
4 - Compress/Expand Master output signal
5 - Record mix in one audio file
6 - Clear all playlist on load program
7 - Enable/Desable Reset deck parameter on load
8 - Warning X sec end of track
9 - Loop / Reloop
10 - Store cue point
11 - Master tempo
12 - Auto Key tune ( when use pitch bend )
13 - Max Pitch bend value xx % (Sorry is it )
14 - Max Key tune value xx
15 - Automaticlly start at xx:xx:xx time
16 - Automaticlly shut down at xx:xx:xx time
17 - Select plug in effect
18 - Select playlist format ex: M3U / Itune etc…
19 - Automatic Filter audio format load mp3 or Ogg or Ac3 etc…
20 - Multiple sort archive list ex: by genre, more played etc…
21 - Editable archive list ex number of columm position hide etc…
22 - Selectable font, color, and size in archive list
23 - Scratch parameter
24 - Auto mute x sec on load

Please remove this fonction it’s more dangerous:

  • “delete files from hard disk”

And i dream a same version playing MPEG 1/2. And the video display on a new windows on second screen.

That’s all !

Thank you ! Good luck

Hey craquos,

thank you for the complete list of your wishes. We will discuss 'em. Some are already on our ToDo List. Obviously, not all will find a way to the next version, but we work hard to impress you :slight_smile: Stay tuned for new features!

Happy Mixing!

I Slojar,

Thank you for your reply!
It’s possible for you to display in this forum our ToDo List ?

Thank U !

You’ve got a power !


Still one !
Auto start player corresponding of cross fader max or midle position.
And too stop and load next sample list in the opposite player.
Then cut mix are possible !

Still one!
In your fading Preset :
Logarythmic S fade ( it is more professional )