Monitoring... again

I know there are many threads on this topic, but i cant work how to have a track i have cued up play through my headphones whilst having the other track out the speakers. So far what ive done is put my speakers into one of the jacks in the back of my computer, and my headphones into another.

I’m pretty sure i need to gon into preferences and in the audio tab set both players (1&2) to my speakers, and both monitors to my headphones, right? In my drop-down box of options i got three choices; ‘Realtek HD Audio output’ is the start of them all, then either ‘front’, ‘centre’, or ‘rear’, then each ends with ‘(DirectX)’. After playing around abit, it seems that if i set it to anything but ‘front’ then no music plays, either through my headphones or the speakers. But if i set the player to Front then it plays out of both my headphones AND my speakers.

When you try to expplain what to do to fix this please bear in mind i’m a novice, so try and make it as simple as you can.

Thank you.

I just translated the Monitoring blog entry:

Thanks! One more thing, any idea how I find out if i have a sound card with 2 or 3 channels?

Dear Jamesb,

you just take a look at your sound card :slight_smile:
Ok, you should look in your hardware description. If you find front center and rear channels you have a 3-channel card otherwise probably a two-channel card.

best regards