MIDI mapping Numark Mixtrack pro

Anybody can tel me the soundcard settings for the Numark MIXRTACK PRO ( not the PRO 1,2 or 3 , just the mixtrack pro )

The mixxer is in the base of UM , and i get sound at the main out ( master ) , faders are working as wel as the Rotation wheels for scratsing and so on )
But i don’t get sound out at the Headpfone out …

Also all the EFX don’t do aniting and the MIDI for the Sampler is not correct … The EQ kill puttons seem to work as Cue point’s ( with is greet to me ! )

But moot inportend at this moment would be Headphone out !!

Do i need to douwnloud a driver somwhere ( i can not find any on the Numark site )

Greetings MArk