Midi layout for Traktor Kontrol Z1

Does anyone have a standard Traktor Kontrol Z1 Midi layout for use i UM?


Sorry, We do not have this kind of controller…so we could not develop such a mapping.

It’s a very common control so maybe you could upgrade your service and get one??
So you can give service to your customer.
The customer service here is almost non existing - It to you 14 months to answer this request!!

There is no suport here in these forum anymore …for over 2 years now … i have no idea what they are doing …

I have problems with the MIDI mapping of my Denon Mc 6000 MK2 … they are not responding , or puching me to pay 99 euro for a upgrade to UM6 and then wait if there will be an update comming that gone fix my problem …

Hope you have been able to fix yours …

Greetings Mark