Midi Control

Hi, I just found your software, looks really promising!!! If there were some kind of Midi setup where each button, fader etc could be assigned to a Midi event (similar to assigning a keyboard shortcut to a function), it would be very very powerful and all kinds of hardware desks could easily developed.
Even assigning keyboard shortcuts would be a good step, a keyboard cost nothing nowadays and build one the way I’d like my desk to function wouldn’t be too hard. If the joystick inputs on the 15-pin DSUB were used it could get quite intressting too.
Maybe the above is already possible but I have missed it?


Hello DJonny,

well the universal MIDI controll stuff was implemented some years ago. Actually, we decided to focus on real DJ equipment and feature them directly. So the usability of the whole system is much higher with tighter integration.
I think we will get back to this solution some time in the future to support even more devices. A joystick would be the same problem as described above.

kind regards