Mac version only for older OS?

I have the Mac version 2.3 and got the “order number”, “personal license number”, “license key” or whatever you are calling it (please choose only one name for this). The activation succeeded, but it won’t run. Is there a newer version that runs on OS 10.5.x?

The older installer (version 2.3) works, but the application will not run on my MacBook. The newer installer (version 2.3.8) will not run on my MacBook.
The downloads page shows:
“Version: UltraMixer 2.3.8
System: Mac OS X (10.4 or higher)”
but it should show:
“Version: UltraMixer 2.3.8
System: PPC Mac, OS 10.4 or higher”

Both the older and newer versions run fine on my ten year old PPC Mac, but the new installer gives the message “not for this architecture” when I try to install on my one year old MacBook. This application is not suitable for modern Macs.

What does that mean? We are intensivly testing on MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MiniMacs. All of these are Intel Mac either with 10.5 or 10.6 on it.

i have the same issue

probably you have activated the 64 bit environment for your Macs, do you? We are going to investigate it very soon.

any word on this? i’m eager to get my ultramixer going. thanks in advance

well you didn’t acknowledge the point. Could you please tell us if its the case for you? Did you activate 64 bits?

I’m sorry, i don’t even know what that means. I’m going to have to look into that and then I’ll check back. thanks for the reply

Ok, that means for Snow Leopard with MacBook Pro Unibody it will be 64 bits, everthing else will run on 32 bit by default.

I have a Mac Book running

Mac OSX 10.4.11 Build 8S2167, can you tell me where to look about the 32 or 64 bit ?

10.4.11 is 32bit only. That means your problem is not “64bitish”.
We have a iBook with PPC processor running wit 10.4.11. Please contact support in order to send us your log files: