Mac PPC G5 does not run UM 2

I have paid $$ for UM Home. My Mac PPC G5 runs OSX 10.5.8 and has 5 GB RAM.
I just downloaded UM 2.4.5. It crashed on the first launch. UM always crashes when I launch it. It says “loading keyboard mapping” for several seconds, then crashes. When I finally get it to launch the skin I chose the last time I opened UM does not load correctly. The large red/green fade rate image loads incorrectly. This happened with all previous versions, too. I prefer the 1440x900 skin and when I re-apply that skin UM crashes. I tried the 1280x1024 and the large red/green fade rate image also loads incorrectly when I launch UM the next time. Once I finally get UM up and running it is very stable and I enjoy using it, once I finally get it up and running.

I am disappointed in the performance of UM on my Mac PPC G5.

Dear HotRodJohnny,

which version of UltraMixer 2 works on your G5?

If I remember, 2.3.8 ran without too many problems. But it would not remember the skin I chose the next time I launched UM. 2.4 fixed that but there was still the issue with the red/green fade profile image not loading correctly.