MAC 2.4 screwed up everything

Stay away from the 2.4 update for MAC. It royally screwed up everything. The only thing right it did right was keep the new skin.

MAC UM 2.4 Home would not work. Period. I uninstalled it and deleted everything from the .ultramixer folder. I then reinstalled 2.3.8 from scratch, including importing iTunes library all over again. and now it does not work. It will load from archive into player. After relaunching the program the ONE song I tried to load was loaded, but it WOULD NOT PLAY.

$40 down the drain!!!

I’m going back to iTunes.

Could you please describe your problems?

The spinning thing in the middle spins forever. Songs will not into the player. The drop down menu is German, even though I installed the English version. The crossfade image is offset to the left.

I completely uninstalled 2.4 and installed 2.3.8 as a fresh install. Songs will not load into the player.

I can’t use UM at all except as wallpaper.

I have sent an email and a reply with logs and screen captures.