LOW / MID / HIGH Pass filter EQ

Am i the only one notecing that if you cut the LOW EQ on a channel strip , way to much of the MID secion is going down as wel …

The same gose for MID EQ and also for HIGH EQ

Until i workt with a externel soundkard i never used the software EQ from UM , but i recently flipt over to a DENON MC6000MK2 and now i definatly dont like the cutdown EQ from the LOW / MID and HIGH pas filters from UM … They really suck …

( i use to work with DENON, Numark, DATEQ, Mackie, Allen & Heath ( analog / digital ) even JB systems dos a better job )

Best mixxer to my opiniun : DATEQ !! EVER

More people having this iseu ??

:frowning: :frowning: