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Hello Ultramixer team,

Iám a dutch Dance teacher and Iám a verry longtime user of BPM studio.
My Luck is that I know found Ultra mixer that’s going to be the big change for me?

My questions;

[list:47b61]- live search is very nice but i like it mutch more that the search go over de collom that I have choosed, So when I choose the collum genre and I type H I won’t the list automaticly scroll to the first item in Genre with a H (you can see how this works in BPM studio) [/list:u:47b61]
[list:47b61]- Is there a program that I can use two set the Dancestyle in the MP3tag, because Ultramixer dossn’t change annything. And I wan’t it stuck in the MP3Tag… Men I was happy wen I saw there is a collum Dance Style, but there is no program I can find to fill it in?? :frowning: [/list:u:47b61]
[list:47b61]- When I have load a map in Ultramixer and I change a MP3Tag in my mp3 file outside Ultramixer. I choose the function [map] - Syncronise map but the tags won’t change in Ultramixer??[/list:u:47b61]
[list:47b61]- Maybey its possible to make a Option in the setting for the IDtag to choose - change with Ultramixer (database) change (choose program) and its finnaly. Iám used to change the tags in BPM studio and it change the TAg So I can lissen and change everithing in one time. …It’s just a Idea!![/list:u:47b61]
[list:47b61]- In a program (I don’t know the name) someting with Cross, it’s possible to give a song a collor I thougt it was a nice option because it can make choosing youre file sometime easy (not the maps/archive)[/list:u:47b61]

I hope you all can understand my (sometimes bad) englisch, But I did My best.

I wait for your’e comment.

greetzs Martijn

Dear Martijn,

welcome to the UltraMixer community. Many people here have moved from BPMS to UltraMixer.

  1. LiveSearch: Oh yes I understand you. Unfortunately thats not possible at the moment. Please use the detail search instead.

  2. Sure, you can set the dance style by UltraMixer. It saves the dance style into the mp3 tag as well.

  3. Please choose the function “Reload ID3-Tags” in UltraMixer.

  4. Oh yes, currently you can only colorize a group (“map”) in the file archive tree. We will think about setting colors to tracks as well.

Best regards,