List all songs from subfolders in main folder


in my folder list I have a main folder with all songs, and a lot of subfolders, and more subfolders in these subfolders. Could you built an option to see all songs from subfolders in the main folder, or the subfolder above.



Click the button with the folder icon below the FileArchive tree. This turns “recursive” view on. You will see all files from the current folder and all sub-folders. Is this what you are looking for?

Yes , that’s what I’m looking for. It took a while for the view to build up. But now I see all songs double, triple and even 4 times instead of only once. It depends on the depth of the subfolder. If the subfolder is 3 levels down, I see the same song 3 times.

Do you understand what I mean ?

It would mean that you added these songs more than one time…

I just installed version 3.0.1 and the problem is gone. Great !!!