[Linux] Version 2.3.4 and Mandriva 2009: no sound device

Hello, i have a (knowed?) problem with Ultramixer V2.3.4 and OSS.
Java sound working fine on computer (HP compaq 6710b).
But in Ultramixer, i have no audio device found in preferences (launch with aoss, or not) and an error message when i try to load MP3 file (unknown file …) . I browse a lot of Post on the forum, but i don’t find a way to resolve this. Mandriva provide a similar tool: Mixxx who’s work fine but i prefer UltraMixer.
Is it a workaround or may have to wait the Linux Alsa support include in next release?
In this case, can i know when is planed this next release?
Currently I successfully use the windows version of UltraMixer :frowning:
(It’s the last task i need to do on windows!) … so i can wait…
(sorry for the english)

Update 02/12:
I found an old release of UltraMixer (2.2.1) in a temp folder. So i uninstall 2.3.4 release and re-install this old release on the same computer and same Mandriva Release… and… the sound work fine! There is now an ‘/dev/dsp (OSS)’ in sound device (preference menu).

Hello good new and good job from developper: the 2.3.6 working fine now on my mandriva 2009.
Good news.