Linux monitoring options

I started evaluating the program yesterday. It works very nicely so far. But I do have a couple questions regarding monitoring new songs while other songs are playing. I am using a Dell D820N laptop running Ubuntu 7.10.

I only have one built in sound card so:

  1. is there a way (like some other mixing programs have) to specify that the headphones are on say the right side of the line out and that the left side of line out is the active audio out?

  2. and/or, what is a good USB audio out device that would work well under Ubuntu and with Ultramixer?


Hello kedlm,

  1. since UltraMixer only supports OSS right now. There is not real 5.1 support. I read somewhere on the web it’s possible to route 5.1 sound cards to two OSS devices. That should be ok. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how to do it right now. I’ll think about it.

  2. Well there are plenty sound cards. I have a terratec that works great.

best regards

Well I got a SIIG Soundwave 7.1 Pro USB device.
It seems to work great under Linux with UltraMixer.

Now I just need to figure out how map the hardware volume/mute keys on the device differently than the laptop volume/mute. Right now they both control the “active” mixer. I want them to control the onboard or USB mixer depending on which keys I press. But that is a very minor thing.

Hello kedlm,

that sounds cool tough. Did you need some special drivers for the sound device?

best regards

Suse 10.2 automatically configured it as the 2nd audio device and added the correct module (snd_usb_audio) for me.

All I did was plug it in and start up ultramixer. Nothing else was required. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information.