[Linux] Again the same bug in 2.2 release

Hello everybody!

First, i must say that i’m a french user of UltraMixer. My english is not very good. Please excuse me.

I’ve again the same bug in 2.2 release. I’ve already this bug in 2.1.4

My UltraMixer crach when i launch the music. My distribution is Debian Linux 4.0 “Etch”. The packages installed are only the official.

I copy the bug log:
[Please don’t post entire logs here … Please send them to support(at)ultramixer.com]

Hello Nicolarius,

well the problem is not UltraMixer itself. It’s the major problem of Linux supporting propriatary software. There is no real straight forward thing United Linux was a good attempt but Debian and derivates were not following. Nevertheless, I just can say I’ll take a look at this pretty soon. In the mean time just delete the file dsp_timestrech.so in the plugins directory.


First, please excuse me to post my bug report directly.

My problem is fixed. I suggest to you to create a little script to remove the file on Debian and Debian-based distributions! :smiley:

It is only my idea. This is just a suggest to help other people to solve their problems. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hello Nicolas,

that file is actually pretty much needed for the timestretching facility. Therefore it must work on every system.

best regards