License or activation for the new Ultramixer advanced Beta 8

Hello together,

first of all I´ve to excuse me for my maybe bad english but I´ll try my best :wink: .
I´ve some trouble becuase there´re no options for getting/buying a license or something else for the newest Ultramixer avanced Beta 8. Unfortunately I need it very urgent for DJ-jobs and whlie trying and learing to use all the features correctly my 30 or 40 start-ups are gone soon.

Is there any way to “switch” the Softawre free at the moment? I´ll pay the fee later of course…for sure :stuck_out_tongue: .
I tried many Dj/mixing programs from absolutly simple till very difficult and the Ultramixer is my choice now.
If I could get a license key or code or anything else for using the Mixer not as a trial version and pay the fee later or whatever is possible I would be very glad…

If someone could help me please send me an email…if ossible in german please :wink: .

Thank you, kindest regards, best wishes and so on from germany,


Hi Andy. Welcome in the UltraMixer community!

We’ll finish the beta period very soon. After that you are able to purchase a licence for the basic or advanced edition.

For the moment you can test ‘UltraMixer Advanced’ for 30 days and after that as free edition for private use at home.

We can’t send you a licence key within the beta period. If we would do this, many many people would ask for the same :wink:

So please be patient!

When will the license be available??

Hi @all,

Currently we prepare the last steps regarding the official release, so we plan to provide the basic and advanced licence in november.