License is invalid

when I enter my order number and point to the file you sent me I get the error message:

License Invalid

the entered order number is invalid

any help here?

please write to our support:

I am trying demo of Ultramix 3 and when I try to load MIDI it shows not connected. It has Numark Total control, Denon HC-4500, Denon DN-MC6000, Denon DN-MC3000 and Sync Audio DMC-2000 as connected. When I go to Other MIDI devices it is in that list but nothing works correctly. Loaded Version 4 and it is worse. Would like to purchase program, like most everything else.

Dear truman,

which controller do you have?
Some controller identify themselves as a very general device like “USB audio device”. That means the audio detection of UltraMixer might fail in some particular circumstances. But this is not a real problem since it is always possible to map the device on your own. Just select “Other MIDI devices”. The you will see a drop down field with all your MIDI devices attached. I suppose you will see “USB audio device” :wink: Just select this in the first box, in case it is not already selected. After that select the mapping. Just select the appropriate mapping for your MIDI controller.

kind regards