The Dutch language 2.0.7 is corrupt, but the 2.0.6 version is actualy just the same. So you can use this one instead!

I tried it, but UM didn’t add the language in the language-selection.
But 2.0.7 is downloadable again (and working).

Hi eMBee,

sorry but the Dutch translation is offline again. It’s not yet completed, a few tags are still missing. We will republished the files immediately after translation.

Thanks a lot for your great job till now.

What’s happening with my translation all the time? The UM-program must hate the Dutch language :wink:
I refilled the gaps on the translationpage again (luckily I kept an offline copy myselve this time).


No, UltraMixer don’t hate Dutch! It’s because we have changed a couple of labels in the user interface - so it’s necessary to update the translation file…

Thanks for doing the translation job!

Tobi, did you notice that the translation page is down for quite some time? Is UM changing it? Just verifying if you’re aware…


Hi B., :wink:

die translation tool is online again. Only a few tags are still missing.

Best wishes for 2007

Finished the last missing tags this evening, and posted it just now. Waiting to try it out :slight_smile: