iTunes library location


I am using a Mac (10.5.6).

I moved my iTunes library a while ago so it is not in the default location (though I did leave the old library there as backup).

UltraMixer is only seeing the old library that exists in Music and if I rename the iTunes directory I get an XML file not found message (in German) and it does not find iTunes at all.

Is there a way to point UltraMixer to the correct iTunes library location?

[edit]I also noticed a couple of other problems: I copied the XML file to the “wrong” location so that UM could find it. Two problems: the list box of playlists does not scroll so cannot check the one or two playlists I want; UM does not preserve the order of the play list but seems to have put it in Artist order (which in this context is important).

  1. We will introduce a possibility to point to your special itunes-location.

  2. We will introduce scrollbars…

Thanks for reporting this issues.