Issue in UM 3.2.0 RC3, selecting a song goes sometimes wrong

I have an issue in UM 3.2.0 RC3:

Sometimes when I select a song in the playlist, the song jumps a couples of places downwards or upwards. When I scroll, it’s sometimes completely messed up (selecting al songs, not able to select one song). To correct this behaviour I have to select a song in the other playlist or filearchive several times and then back to the playlist.
For example playlist song 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. When I select (highlight) 4 the song jumps to between 6 and 7 ( 1,2,3,5,6,4,7). When I select 6 it’s jump to between 2 and 3 etc.etc.
This issue occurs also in 3.1

When I searched in the forum, I found the same problem:
[i:7a526]UM markiert die Tracks im FileArchiv selbstständig Posted: 03.08.2011, 19:41[/i:7a526]

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Could you please retry with RC4?

I tested the version 3.0.2 rc4. In the 5 hours I used UM the issue with jumping songs happened one time. When I wanted to select a song it jumps a couple of places downwards or upwards. After selecting a song in the file archive and return to playlist 2 the behavior was correct again. I wrote down the time this issue occured and lookup the time in the logfile. I will send the logfile to support.